Andrej Ancevski (OMV Musik)
Author : / Date : 26-09-2006 20:28
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Born and raised in Skopje, Macedonia, Andrej Ancevski listens to electronic music as early as he can remember pressing the 'play' button on the home CD player which usually contained CDs from Jean Michelle Jarre, Vangelis, Dead Can Dance and Kraftwerk.

His taste and likings haven't changed much to this day, still preferring dark minimal beats and stark outlandish synths, and the artists that inspired him to make the transition from a passive listener to a more active role as a DJ and producer include Richie Hawtin, Aphex Twin, Autechre, more and recently - Ricardo Villalobos and Mathew Jonson.

Behind the decks (or laptops) he usually plays a combination of Deep House, Minimal, Progressive and dubby Techno and sometimes Electro, while still finding the time for listening glitch and similar experimental music as well as industrial and post-rock.

Lately doing a bit of production and sound engineering not only of electronic dance music, but helping out some friends that play metal and industrial and working on short-film soundtracks.
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