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Bushava azbuka is the first dj playing trance and only trance in Macedonia (it�s a bit of a mistery but people still call him Daniel).
In 95 he started making goa parties , and a little bit after that psy-trance and progressive parties (many parents don�t like him).
He played on more than 500 parties all over Macedonia, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Bulgaria and Greece.
(but he played once and speaking about them: parties in Japan, Germany, Portugal and Turkey.)
He�s the guy dealing perfect with his sets (sorry ,only music). From 50 people birthday parties in a wood up to 6000 people opening up for Faithless and other huge commercial events (�So what I never play a bad track�).
He can play absolutely all sorts of trance depending on the need of the crowd (don�t asc him for freestyle or freakstyle as he says, cos he�ll bring collection of 1000 cd�s of nu jazz, lounge, chill, deep things and if you are real psy trance fun you�ll suffer).
How good (or how bad he is) you can ask James Monroe, Etnika guys,Tsuyoshi, Skazi, Astrix, Talamaska, Space tribe, Dimitri, XP, Edoardo, Dino , Joti, Xenomorph, Mushroom and Chaishop friends, Wizzy guys, Nomad,Johan � Logic, Zoo-B, Yaniv, Pena,...(you name it, he know`s it).
In his litlle bit of a free time he is a rock star.
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