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DJ Satellite

Part of the Digital Dance Promotion Team.

Starts listening to Psychedelic trance in 1997 influenced by the party with DJ James Monroe. Several months later gets involved in the whole psychedelic trance scene in Macedonia with DJ Bushava Azbuka.

After playing on a huge number of smaller parties in clubs in Skopje, makes his first debut under the nickname Satellite on the Alarm Festival in Ohrid in 2001. After that he plays on the international trance “XPO” festival in Bulgaria. Since than he has played with the likes of Wizzy Noise, Talamasca, Astral Projection, Skazi, GMS, Nomad, Astrix, James Monroe, Azax Syndrom, Tsyoshi Suzuki, Exaile, Dimitri Nakov, Yaniv - Cosmophilia, Logic Bomb, Alien Project, SUN Project, Xenomorph, Space Tribe, Charizmatix.

Prefered style of music: for warm - up from Progressive House to progressive trance and for the crazy hours - Full-On trance.

Curentlly preocupied with making his own music.
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