Author : Poppa Voski / Date : 06-02-2013 08:46
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I am Poppa Voski a.k.a DJ Boyan. I've been making music, since 1995.
My music styles vary a lot since I like to experiment with different samples, machines or instruments. I never liked placing my music or my inspirations to a specific genre, but these are the genres I've done so far:

Electronic Music, House or Chillout. I've also made a lot of Hip Hop,
Instrumental or Jazzy Hip Hop, Trip Hop.

I've been professionally engaged as a DJ (Boyan) since 1999 up until 2007, when I decided to retire my DJ career.
I was also signed to a label which released (physical and digital) copy of my first album "Macedonia in your Heart".

In 2008 I decided to change my pseudonym into Poppa Voski, which came naturally due to the changing times and my music maturing into more urban, jazz and chillout inspired styles.
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