Exlcusive interview with Cristian Varela
Author : clubbersguide / Date : 24-05-2011 14:51
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Winner of the International Award Ibiza 2007 as BEST DJ Techno IN THE WORLD, Dj Of The Year 2007 and Best Techno DJ 2008, in the eighth year in a row. Cristian has more than 25 prizes (best label, best producer…) along more than 17 years of recognised career…
Influenced by a special family of artists and his mature musician career to finish (piano- solfa) he composed the soundtracks for some national theatre shows, movies, fashion "pasarelas" and TV spots.
Cristian has a massive worklist with more than 150 productions and compositions for the most prestigious international labels and companies such as Sony/BMG - Blanco&Negro - Spain, Intec - U.K, Elephanthaus (U.S.A), Pornographic recordings - Spain/Belgium (he owns together with Marco Bailey) and his own brand new labels Donkeyhead recordings and black Codes.
Remixer of talents like Eurythmics “Sweet Dreams”, Michael Zager´s Band “Let´s All Chant”, Split Second “Flesh”…
His productions and interviews have appeared in the most important specializing magazines, tvs, radios and Internet (MTV, VIVA, Tele5, Antena 3, Telemadrid, Cuatro, TVE1, TVE2, DJ).
With this Cristian´s long artistic life, discography and of course, his spectacular sets with 3/4 decks, along with his constants tours around the world from Japan to U.S.A, Europe, UK… makes him one of the most prestigious names in the electronic international scene.

Clubbersguide: When did you start DJing and where was your first gig?

Cristian Varela: 1990-Madrid-Spain

Clubbersguide: How do you see the role of DJ these days as opposed to when you first started out?

Cristian Varela: More professional, advanced, well known and technological

Clubbersguide: What do you think is more important for a DJ - the mixing technique or the track selection?

Cristian Varela: Both! But in my opinion, first the track selection.

Clubbersguide: With all the new styles and new kind of sounds coming out, do you think that the original sound of techno will become obsolete?

Cristian Varela: Techno is always changing from the beginning of the 70´s and, never will be obsolete just because is live style and a mental state of consciousness.

Clubbersguide: What's your preference - playing at festivals or clubs?

Cristian Varela: Clubs, of course!

Clubbersguide: What's been the best party you've DJed at?

Cristian Varela: Love Parade 1998!

Clubbersguide: What the strangest thing that has happened to you at a gig?

Cristian Varela: I arrived with my partner/brother, Marco Bailey few years ago in Miami Winter Conference and… NO DECKS!!

Clubbersguide: What was your best, and your worst party experience?

Cristian Varela: My best, at Liquid Room - Tokyo - nine years ago.
The worst, in a club in Ribadeo - Spain, eighteen years ago. The owner did not pay me!

Clubbersguide: Do you think drugs are still a very important part of dance culture?

Cristian Varela: Totally on the contrary! I think drugs are killing the dance culture and also to the people. To feel the music is only necessary the mind and the heart.

Clubbersguide: Since your name is synonymous with techno, what is there that keeps you playing it, and how do you compare it to other styles?

Cristian Varela: Other styles are also very interesting to combine with techno such as house, minimal or electro but, I usually use it just as a complement of my sets.

Clubbersguide: Techno has obviously been your passion for many years but all genres change as time goes on. How has your sound developed and how would you describe it now?

Cristian Varela: I am playing techno from long, longtime ago and now is my favorite period because, I am always playing “fresh”, “elegant” and “mature techno”. From five or six years ago, now the people call that: tech house…. Ha ha ha hah!

Clubbersguide: Being a producer as well as a DJ, how much does one influence another, are your productions more influenced by your sets and the tracks you play or is it vice versa?

Cristian Varela: Vice versa, It is a mixture of both… 50/50

Clubbersguide: When you're making music, what kind of equipment are you using?

Cristian Varela: Logic Pro to create, Pro Tools and my Solid State Logic AWS900+ for mix and Mastering, lots of new synth plug ins and of course… my analogue family: Juno106, Roland Tr808/909, Korg Monopoly, Korg MS20, Roland SH101…

Clubbersguide: What do you find more chalenging - recording your own tracks, or remixing tracks from other producers?

Cristian Varela: Both

Clubbersguide: Where do you find your inspiration?

Cristian Varela: I don´t know! I just start to create a rhythm or just a base and after one minute my mind begin to have thousands of ideas. Sometimes, from one track is coming a new one, and from this new one a new one…

Clubbersguide: Name some of your biggest influences...

Cristian Varela: Vangelis, Hans Zimmer, Ennio Morricone, Kraftwerk and of course, BACH and VIVALDI.

Clubbersguide: What piece of kit can you not live without?

Cristian Varela: My old Rmx from the track “Let´s All Chant”- Michael Zager´s Band released in the label Elephanthaus (U.S.A) from my friend, Tim Backer.

Clubbersguide: What other music and which other artists do you like?

Cristian Varela: Chill, Experimental, Downtempo like Murcof, Pete Namlock, Suso Saiz, Ibizarre, or Ninja Tunes,…Mozart, Haendel…

Clubbersguide: What do you do to relax? Any hobbies besides music?

Cristian Varela: Movies, Gym, SPA and, of course, playing the Piano.

Clubbersguide: If you hadn’t become a DJ and producer, what do you reckon you’d be doing now?

Cristian Varela: Something artistic for sure.

Clubbersguide: Tell us an unknown fact about yourself?

Cristian Varela: I´m Timid

Clubbersguide: Where do you see yourself in 30 years from now?

Cristian Varela: Who Knows?

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