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Kire Andonov A.K.A Erik-X8 was born on 14 august 1989 in Stip. Erik-X8 from lower legs show great interest in music. His first contact with DJ-ing was occurred on 11 year old and then he found his new occupation which was later transformed into a preoccupation. Immediately after that he start with collection of many different genres of music, but over time, are oriented electronic genres like Electro, House, Trance, Hard Style and HardCore. As time went on, he upgrade the knowledge and experience. On 16 years old he started working seriously on his career - in 2006 he successfully promoted his Flying Trance compilation of educational rendezvous at the Skopje in Arena Metropolis more than 1000 people. After this performance, the people who surrounded him gave him great support, began to recognize and recommend as DJ on events who were organized by youth organizations where he volunteers. Immediately after that he began to play music in most bars in Stip, as in other cities around the country.

Erik-X8 summer 2010 performances of one of the biggest festivals in Macedonia - Alarm festival nature Ljubanista (Ohrid), with his Trance live two hour set.

From December 2010 Erik-X8 began his DJ show “Beats 4 life” of the University radio UGD FM which is broadcast every Sunday at midnight.

His DJ sets, events, gallery and videos you can follow on his website
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