DJ Zomax
Author : / Date : 07-01-2008 20:34
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His first experience with the music started from his 14 when he was involved in recording cd’s for the studio in his hometown. He worked with a lot of music styles but later he discovered the progressive-house music and quickly become his passion. In the next 2 years Dj Zomax learned how to dj in a home conditions and soon become the youngest dj in town. His first real job like a dj was in a small but crowded discothиque at the age of 16, in Gostivar. After many impressive performances in front the eyes and ears of many, he quickly came to play for the biggest clubs in Gostivar and later on a several radio shows. He mixed many sets and uploaded them on the internet where he got a positive remark and he was spotted by many dj’s. He’s style is unique while he tries to join the classic with modern progressive adding new flavors. He represents the youngest successful dj in his hometown with desire to explore more challenges outside in a bigger clubs and to play together with the finest dj’s in Macedonia.
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