Snake Sedrick's new release
Author : Tilth DJs / Date : 25-10-2007 14:42
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New Hungarian success, new Hungarian release!

Members of the Tilth DJ's team are not having a rest - proves the new
Snake Sedrick release of 19 September.

Snake seems to be in a "SZELLEMES" mood because the Deepsky feat. Jes
Brieden - Ghost (Snake Sedrick remix) has been finished which came out
at DJ Tiesto's label. This is Snake's third release in series because he
has already represented himself with 2 other works (Lank - Being
Defenceless Snake Sedrick remix + Snake Sedrick - Marron) at Black Hole,
Tiesto's other label. The origonal music has been composed by the
American Deepsky formation, later the music parts were given to Snake and after a few weeks time he was ready with the remix. Jason, one of the key members of the formation had already been fond of Snake's works - no wonder, because the young artist has bagged in not only national but several international recognitions as well. This was the path to this great song that was played even by the Argentinian Hernan Cattaneo. The fantastic vocal proves Jes Brieden who has charmed the audience with her voice at Tiesto concerts several times and we hope that this time you as well.

With the agreement of the producer and recording studio we are sending you the press photo.


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