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Author : / Date : 17-06-2007 20:55
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Voislav Dimitrijevic a.k.a. Hade had his first contact with electronic music in his very early age. His sister had a big influence in his musical taste as she was the one that discovered the world of drum and bass to her younger brother…Since the first time he listened to a dnb track he knew that this is the style of music that moves his heart the most… After some time listening to the music and attending parties he got the wish to be DJ and Producer…The first man who discovered the secrets of mixing to Hade was Darko Stepic… They met on a party and Darko immediately invited Hade to show him some tips and tricks about mixing.. Some time after that Hade had his full debut at a party organized by He is the newest and the youngest member of the Macedonian drum and bass DJs… Lately he is under the guidance of the best drum and bass dj in Macedonia Game Over. Every Friday Trajche a.k.a. Gameover resigns some of his time at his resident party in order for Hade to learn his trade in mixing even more. While doing this he also formed the producing duo called Minor Aspects. They are currently working on few tracks but they wont go public until they reach the quality they want.. Alongside DJing and making music he also works as graphic designer and he is in his first year studying industrial design.
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